Manage HD Quality Colposcopy sessions with CIN Finder 3000, The Advanced Integrated Colposcopy Management System from DYN R&D

Based on knowledge acquired over many years of experience, DYN R&D developed the CIN Finder 3000 Digital Colposcopy System, a user-friendly integrated system designed to address the emerging needs of the Gynecology field.

CIN Finder 3000 Colposcopy Management System
• User-friendly interface
• Excellent HD color definition with Optical Zoom 
• Image control for improved sharpness and detail
• Full HD sharp and rich image
• Advanced Medical Grade All-in-One PC
• Mobile and space efficient operator cart
• Coming Soon: Integration with HL7 and Compliance with DICOM standards

CIN Finder 3000 Management Software
The CIN FINDER 3000’s Management Software is an integrated platform for viewing and analyzing the findings of a Colposcopy examination. Based on collaborations with opinion leaders, research facilities and health institutes worldwide, it provides physicians with a user-friendly approach for examination; Image storage and annotations; Image comparison tools; Pathologies report; Patient management; Data summarization and Patient follow-up.

The CIN Finder 3000 complies with the professional glossary of both common cervix, vulva and vaginal examinations and sexual assault clinics protocols, and programmed to assure secured user management to assure confidentiality.

CE Marked Medical Device

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